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Studio Work - Planters in January

Studio WorkEmilie Bouvet-BoisclairComment

Winter really hit the town this January, and predictably sun-forsaken, I craved greenery and tropical vibes. Well, the closest I can get to that in Chicago is tending to my house plants. Although I know it's a little early, I did a huge replanting last month- here are some pics of the inspired work. 

The large planter in this pic is a fav- the rough faceting reveals different layers of clay- and the stripes around the legs remind me of my brother getting ready for a pick-up soccer game. 

When making pots for plants, I like to think about the specific needs of the species that will call it home. When purchasing planters, think about the depth of the pot. Does your plant have a shallow root system, like some succulents? Or does it prefer to dig deep into the soil, as a cacti might? The Toupie (spinning top)  planter in the video above was specifically made for my monstera philodendron - a plant that as it matures develops holes in the leaves to adapt to windy conditions. My monstera is still young and has very few of these swiss cheese leaves. With the Toupie planter, I hope to facilitate some movement for the plant- and more holes! I also could see succulents working well in this planter- it makes for easy and fun rotation for even growth! 


I have a couple of these in the shop, but look for more specialized planters this Spring- if you see one and can't wait, feel free to send me a message. Hearts & keep warm the season!