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Air Plant Care Guide

Emilie Bouvet-BoisclairComment

At shows I hear so many misconceptions about air plants- most notably that they can live off the air alone. One of my customers was even told by a shop owner that you don’t need to water them, and that they only live a couple months. This is a complete misconception! With the proper care, your air plants will prosper, slowly growing larger. Very happy air plants will even produce small ‘pups’ or baby off shoots, and with luck, flower.

A little Ionatha Guatemala

A little Ionatha Guatemala

I thought I would share my method for air plants care- water baths. It keeps my plants happy, many of which have been in my collection for several years now.


1) Fill a bowl with water. I don’t want to shock my plants, so if the water is very cold I wait for it to become a very luke warm on the colder side.

2) Put your plant in the bath! Give them about 15 min in the water.

3) Heres the secret to the water bath- your plants need to dry upside down. This way, water does not seep into the plant and cause it to rot from the inside out. Give them a little shake to get excess water off, and I find they dry well on my dish rack. I leave them like this for a couple hours, you can tell when there dry because they will get slightly fuzzy and super refreshed looking.


4) When dry- put them back on display. I keep my air plants where they will get a lot of bright indirect light. Play around with where you keep them if you notice they are getting too dry, and browing at the tips, you may need to place them a bit further from a window, or in a place that is not quite as bright.


5) Bonus info- you can purchase air plant fertilizer- a little bag will last years. This way you can ensure that the plant will be getting nutrients which It may normally have gotten in it’s environment on other plants and trees.

Enjoy your air plant garden! They are such sweet little beings, each with a different personality.