Twinette Poterie

Small Batch Pottery. Made in Chicago.

I spend focused reflective time on my studio practice. From a ball of clay my goal is to make an object that is a pleasure to look upon and a joy to use.
— Emilie

Hi, and welcome to my site. I am Emilie Bouvet-Boisclair, the face behind Twinette Poterie.

I create primarily wheel thrown functional works, often beginning with a ball of moist clay. I love the small surprises which clay holds- as a speckle comes through a light glaze, or an unglazed surface adds a tactile quality to a piece. I hope that my pieces can help create an environment of pause and reflection.

Twinette Poterie is named after my grandmother, Antoinette. The name encompasses my French Canadian roots, and my home province of farm land and open skies. As a child, I wandered along overgrown ‘fossés’, picking bouquets of wildflowers amongst the bees; collecting raspberries and not stepping in cow dung are some of my clearest memories. In my work, I see colors from those days and a philosophy of practical usability. I want my work to be functional, imbued with joy upon using, and maybe a whisper of a memory when times were simpler.