Twinette Poterie

Small Batch Pottery. Made in Chicago.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to contact me with any other questions:


What to do if an item is delivered and it is damaged?

I take utmost care in wrapping packages to prevent breaking. There is however always the chance that an item can be broken during shipping. If this happens please contact me as soon as possible. All of my work ships UPS or USPS and is insured. I will require that you take a picture of the break in the package, to be submitted to the shipping company for refund. I will then offer you a replacement or refund.

Custom and personalized orders

I love working one on one with a client to create a piece a special piece.
Please bear in mind that custom orders are accepted based on the request meshing with my style, and my ability to meet client expectations, as well as current work load.
I ask clients to understand that while I approach my craft with 10 + years experience, spontaneity and the element of surprise is a constant in ceramics making, due in large part to the uncertain variable of kiln firings. Many of my best pieces are the result of unexpected happenings. While I will never sell a piece that I am unhappy with, a custom order may differ from other pieces in my body of work- and will be completely unique.
I do NOT accept returns, refunds or COUPONS on custom orders.

Care instructions

Most work is dishwasher and microwave safe. Pieces which have real gold luster applied require extra care- hand washing and may not be used in the microwave. Please refer to individual posts for care recommendations.

Why does the shipping seem high?

Shipping delicate ceramics is something I have become pretty good at- I have very little breakage. This is because I take every precaution in getting my items to you, safe and sound. 

This means that every item needs to be cozily wrapped in layers of recycled bubble wrap (I believe in caring for our planet in what ways we can), so packages are larger then when shipping less breakable items. Pottery also tends to be a bit heavier to ship.

I try to keep my shipping costs as reasonable as possible, but shipping ceramics simply incurs higher costs. Thanks for understanding.

**In the event of significant shipping overage, customer will be refunded the difference**